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Your terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

Please carefully select the products you want to buy from our website

as wrong products chosen are not returnable.

Rule 2

Please transfer the money to the correct bank account carefully

Please email us the name of the account you are transfering from

if it is under different name that you are registered 

Rule 3

Please understand that we always make sure your packages will be carefully and securely packed

If the packing or the content of the package is broken or stolen, then it is not our responsibility.

When that happen, please submit your claim to Tiki or JNE that handles the shipment of our merchandises.

Rule 4

We have the rights to cancel your order to any situation and condition.

We have the rights to change the price of any items without customer approval.

If any order cancelled by our side and already paid then the money will be returned back.

Rule 5

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